Mug Shots

I took my kids to get new passports. The first question everyone asks when either requesting the forms or turning them in is, “where are you going?” Now, at this time we have no destination planned- but I would like to be able to flee the country at any moment if need be. Fine, should I win the lotto, I would like to travel just to Israel.

Anyhow, with each form that I submitted- photo being attached to the form, the Passport Patrol Postal worker informed me that because everyone is smiling in their 2×2 photo, our application may be rejected.

I suppose they’ll want a photo to go by should someone be kidnapped- so it got me thinking. Perhaps in the photos instead of being told “don’t say cheese!” they should say, “say trafficking!” That way, the mug will have a natural look of fear and desperation which would make for finding the child easier than having to imagine sadness through smiling.

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