902 Words Per minute

Today I took my child to her second therapist- as just one therapist is for the paupers of society. The good news is my daughter really liked her and like me, she noticed how calm and deliberate she spoke; in fact, she reminded me of the yoga teacher, Yoga Jones, in OITNB.

Now, this isn’t my first time at the rodeo and I know that if words are exchanged- via text, email or phone…. the clock is still ticking.  *A little tidbit for you: whenever you are in correspondence with a lawyer and/or their paralegal, your tab keeps running. That’s why when today’s medicine woman texted me if we could have some time chatting about today, I was afraid to write her back. Twice she wrote me to ask about today and then asked to talk. I tried to say I could just steal a few minutes at the end of her session if that was best- for something tells me she’ll want to “connect” after each gabfest- but she asked if she could call me for a few minutes tonight.

Again, I am never one to mince words nor am I one who beats around the bush but keep in mind that I originally said the therapist is very calm and slow talking; she charges $6.66 per minute. So while she took 94 seconds asking me: How did your daughter feel when you left?…. I took 1 second to reply: Great!

Unfortunately, she wanted to know some specifics so I began rattling off the feedback at warped speed when she interrupted me and said, the call is free. 


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