Option D

Summer- a time for travel. Whether to the National Parks or International, its for families and friends to be one with the sun. A time for sitting on the sand and watching the waves roll in. A time to swim deep in the bottom of the pool to pick up lost goggles. And summer is a time to do everything you weren’t able to do while working.

But what if I told you, that I could offer you a better summer experience? Something that will not require sunscreen nor fans. Not even a hat nor light clothing. A place where you could sit and think about all that you would do, if only you could?

That’s right- this summer I am trying out the indoor method of relaxation. I get to go from office to office, and be lulled to sleep by the sound of the double sound machines. The 30 watt light from the lamp. The serene photos from their trips and buddha sculptures.

I am enjoying a zero risk of skin cancer summer in the waiting room of one doctor and the office of another. In fact, I get to rest on a comfy sofa, then a comfy chair, and then return to my home. Sometimes I get to stop at the market on the way home- I mean, its not completely mundane.

But you know what I am enjoying most? Watching my white skin stay white. My legs stay plump from lack of exercise. My brain constantly calculating the cost of two doctors, several times per week from what I could be making tutoring. In fact, I’ve realized that tutoring 10 kids would still not pay for the therapy and that perhaps I need to up my game. Now, I’m not saying I’m going to rush out there and become a hooker. …But if there were a vacancy for a Madame, I may need to consider it.

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