Someone Will Always Have It Worse

As of late, my middle child is having some issues relating to anxiety. With the world at her fingertips and kids watching the news, she’s bound to feel the air coming through the bubble I’ve tried to envelop my kids in.

Stories of death and murder, robberies and terrorist attacks- its understandable how a young brain would be afraid of her daily surroundings.

In order to help her with these overwhelming, crippling feelings, hubby and I have essentially begun construction on a beach front mansion in Laguna Beach, CA to help her.

That being said… I was skimming through the video portion of Facebook when I came to an article about a “living doll.” Now, I was intrigued because I watched a show on the living Barbie and wanted to see what this was about. Up until the woman in this vlog began applying red makeup to represent a “bloody nose,” I thought she’s just into art. However, with every freak show, there is a back story… and this one rang too close to home.

So that I don’t ruin her reason for making herself look like a porcelain doll on a daily basis, I ask that you just Google “Living Doll and Depressed.” But all I could think about while watching this truly affected woman was my own kid- who also escapes into her artwork and paintings.


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