While designing the master bathroom of our Malibu beach front home, the additional therapist was asking me about my children and birth order, etc.

To give you the $50 version as time is money, I was saying what a wonderful baby my middle child was and how I wasn’t at all worried about her while I was pregnant. After all, if you do your research, you would know that if a mother is anxious or depressed while pregnant, those feelings get tucked into the embryo’s genes.

Me: So it was a very easy pregnancy and I wasn’t at all worried about her while I was pregnant.

Dr.: That’s wonderful- so then her anxiety is a new thing and unrelated to anything you may have felt.

Me: Right. You see, I was so worried about my eldest daughter who was having so many issues since the moment she was born, that I didn’t have time to think or worry about my pregnancy.

Dr.: Wait, so you think that because you weren’t focussed on the baby you were carrying that that anxiety that you had for your other daughter didn’t transmit to her? 

Here is where the “aha” moment came to me…

…Apparently, our new interior designer has informed us the budget for the bathroom will be all our life savings and then some. 

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