A terrible disease that on first look, resembles someone who is undergoing chemo.

The other day, I met with someone I hadn’t seen in 14 years. So naturally, when he hobbled out of the car- bald and frail, my face must have been screaming, you’re dying because the first thing he said to me was, “I have alopecia.”

The entire time during our hour and a half meeting, I was subtlely looking at every area of his body that I could see- after all he was wearing a long sleeved button down. But I was more fascinated on the smoothness of his hands/wrists and head than what he was offering me, that I think I may have agreed to something I didn’t want.

Rather than listen to the schema of the event we were meeting about, I began thinking of my hairy daughter. Now, I would never in a million years wish this on anybody- but… if there was a partial alopecia- like, just for her back and/or legs, I would be ok with that. Oh whom I kidding? I would be fine with it everywhere but on her head and eyebrows.

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