But let me explain. Now, this post is a twofer- meaning, two wonderful things occurred while I rented this Amazon film to calm my child during the thunderstorms.

Within the first three minutes of the film, the 2015 version featuring humans, the father was returning from his trip to France and before he greeted his wife. He got down on hand and knee to eloquently give a gift of a free floating butterfly. He went on to teach her French- because naturally he had time to learn it while selling his wares. After giving her the papillon, they went into a two-step

When I saw my kid watching with a shit eating grin, I had to remind her that that shit would never happen. Nobody just returns from a trip abroad and starts dancing and frolicking about. No, they drop their shit by the door, check the piled up mail and sit on the crapper checking their email and updating their FB status.

If that didn’t burst the bubble for that Brady feeling, the next scene did.

You see, my child’s top fear is me dying- heart attack being the cause. So when the doting mother who sang her child to sleep whilst smiling at the father, suddenly collapsed and died- I realized that the $2.99 rental was a pricy mistake.

If you’re wondering what I mean by pricy, that’s simple. Take the decimal out and that is what it will additionally cost me for this film… in therapy that is.

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