That’s One To Grow On

I’m not saying that I don’t like seeing photos of my child- if and when she is photographed at overnight camp… but perhaps its a bit too much.

Daily I check for the prior day’s events and I usually begin with morning flagpole. It seems, from sun up to sun down, there is a camera in one’s face- like the paparazzi has to  get an article out before the 5 o’clock news. Photos are no longer candid. The photos of today are planned, premeditated, orchestrated and I feel they do not tell the true story.

For starters, its obvious who wants to be photographed- for its the same few kids in hundreds of photos per day. Next, they always have a plastered smile and arm around all 5 of their besties at all times.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to see more photos of my child- but ones that capture her true feelings of camp. I want the birdseye view of her at activities, the spec between the bushes during swim, or the nanny-cam photo of her in her bunk. Those would be the types of photos I feel all parents would prefer.

While yes, you want to see your child smiling and with friends- I feel the photographer is going about it all wrong. I feel they should be walking around camp appearing as every other staff member, only they have a button that is not a button– its a camera.

I’d be curious: would every kid there still be walking around camp arm in arm, hand in hand, smiling for 16 hours of the day or is having the pictures the proof one needs that their kids are really happy/we’re the best camp?

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