As If

I have to order my migraine medicine a day in advance so they can stock it; it needs to be refrigerated.

When I gave my name to the man behind the counter, he went to wear the scripts filled were hanging. I tried to tell him that mine would be in the fridge but he continued to look for the clear baggy with my name on it- found the paper portion and said, “so you don’t want this?” Apparently the bag contained my name and info. that said, check the fridge.

When he went to ring me up, it showed “$566.56 on the screen.

Me: What’s that?

Man: That’s your bill.

Me: (Laughing) No it isn’t.

Man: Your insurance doesn’t cover it.

*I’m going to stop here for a moment and tell you that for months I’ve been going to this Pharmacy and paying $5; every month. 

Me: OK. You can go and check my files again and I’ll just wait here.

Moments later, he came back with the head pharmacist or manager and said, “that will be $5.”

Guess this customer is always right. 

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