Why Should I have To Think?

Today while leaving the parking lot of the coffee store, I was walking to my car when I saw a vanity plate. Actually, I am not sure you can call it that since it said, Psalm23- but it wasn’t your standard plate.

What annoyed me most is that I then had to think about what that meant… like, is that the one where you say it at funerals? And, why do people know particular psalms? Are people driving around with Psalm 1 or 14??

In short, I don’t want to have to think about meanings of plates once I am smart enough to decipher them… for example: a long time ago I saw a plate that read: ISU4YOU. How I thought it went was this: is oo 4 you. Round and around I went trying to figure out what the hell it meant…. and then I was told: I SU(e) 4 You… it was a lawyer.

Back to Psalm23…. now that I’ve familiarized myself with it…. does this person have a death wish? Or is his/her plate to show they’re ok with driving because the lord is with them?


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