Slim Jim

I was thinking… gd forbid I die early, I would like it to be known that I want the most narrow of coffins. In fact, maybe just a ziploc bag is what I need. Why??? Because I’ve never slept alone once without one of my kids (mostly my youngest) (fine, just my youngest) being soldered to me and I want to make sure my eternal resting spot is for one.

…Or, if that’s too grim for my lone reader, then should I be on a death bed… or in a coma… I’d like the mattress or cushion with which I’m laying to be no wider than my hips. I don’t even want room for someone to sit on the edge of the bed… or by my feet. In fact, if I could be suspended like a broken leg… from the ceiling, where nobody could physically touch me, that sounds like heaven.

(Now, for the naysayer out there who thinks its that easy to say, “go to your room,” if my other options are final ones… then you’d know my dream if you’ll humor me, is more likely.)

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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