Quick Quips

Do you ever sit in bed (or out and about) and wonder if other people smell what’s happening between your legs too?

If you find a pair of underwear or socks on the ground, do you simply put it in the hamper or smell it first?

How often does one really wash their bras? Is every few weeks enough?

For those with hardwoods, do you vacuum under your bed or just wait til the air blows and swooshes the dust out?

What’s so good about a bloody pad that dogs race to rip through the trash and shred it to pieces but they won’t eat a piece of banana?

If you left toe-jam alone for a week, could you make your own socks?

Why do people upon sitting at a restaurant immediately ask for the bread basket but not once do people put bread out on their own dinner table?

How come waiters like to recommend a special or item on the menu… but think being a full time waiter is recommended?

Does anybody else see the hair on the walls of the shower- from whence the other person tried to tap their razor?

If you’re in a public restroom and notice a line through the cracks of your view, do you wipe up the other person’s sissy that you squatted over to begin with?

Would it be considered bad parenting to take your child to a Friends’ Trivia night- knowing its their favorite show in the whole wide world… if it were at a bar crawl?

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