Misery Loves Company

I wouldn’t say I’m a tailgater per-say, but I am known to drive with a purpose. Take for instance the red light. While waiting for it to turn green, I am usually actively watching both sides of the streets to determine when the light will change, and if the car ahead of me doesn’t immediately drive- I beep.

Well today, I was the lead car at the light when I noticed a mother and two daughters waiting to cross. From what I could tell, the youngest wanted to press the button for the pedestrians to be able to cross but the older girl was blocking it with her hand. Next, the youngest kicked the oldest…. and mom just watched. Two girls then yelled and used grand gestures which I suppose were about who was to press the button and whilst all this was happening, the light had turned green.

Sure, Karma hit me and I was beeped… but I didn’t mind- nor was I in my typical rush. Nope, instead, I felt a connection to that mother and an empathy for her situation. …And I didn’t feel so badly about my situation.

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