Get Off His Ass

I like to drive the speed limit- even when others do not. For example, today someone was driving ahead of me and they clearly were tourists or bird watchers. Rather than drive at the pace they were setting, I kept up the normal speed. That’s when hubby said I have to stop tail gating them.

Well, I reminded him I was driving a car length apart and at the first street, I tried to turn to make a short cut. Unfortunately, that’s when the snail blazers must have picked up speed because they once again, ended up in front of me.

Meanwhile, as we were turning onto our street- the car did too! Turns out, it was our new neighbors… who were driving slow enough to see us pull into our driveway across from theirs.

The good news is I’ve saved myself a trip to the bakery.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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