And Now, I’ll Drop It

So I just looked up how many Psalms there were, and found out 150… and some are divided into 5 books… or 3 types…. and the way which they’re grouped have different meanings.

That aside, how does one go about memorizing the different psalms to know which one would best suit a license plate? Does one have to attend church (unless they learn them elsewhere too?) daily to learn all of them? Are they taught seasonably?

I can’t memorize the Star Spangled Banner words and judging upon the videos during baseball games on TV others’ don’t know the words to that either…. but they have the time and desire to learn the Psalms??? And enough to put on their vehicle? Those fancy plates cost around $100 bucks and have a renewal fee as well yearly… and the best they could choose, the thing they wanted to spread around the streets most was the death Psalm???

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