An Affair

We have new neighbors that we haven’t met. And in the next post you’ll understand why we’ll never meet them. Any how, while driving home my child brought up the fact that we haven’t yet brought over a welcome basket of muffins or dessert. Then, hubby said that he is upset that a teen moved in and questioned how only a father of three would buy such a house. That’s when my middle spoke up.

Kid: There’s a mom

Hubby: There is? I’ve never seen one; are you sure?

Kid: Yes dad; she’s big.

Hubby: What do you mean by big?

Kid #3: She means she’s fat

Hubby: No, I don’t think that’s the mom then.

Kid: Well then he’s having an affair.

Hubby: (flicks me) How does she know what an affair is?

Me: Well she didn’t learn it from me.

Hubby: What’s an affair mean?

Kid: When someone sleeps with someone else.  I learned it from the show Friends.

So now my Bad Parent title was renewed for another year.

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