Last Man Sleeping

This morning our elderly dog came upstairs and began her dictator-esk waltz. Back and forth, forth and back she walked from one side of the bed to the other. How do I know this? Well, for one, we have hard wood floors and for another, she needs her nails cut! The sound of her clickety clack is akin to Clydesdales galloping on a dance floor!

Well, it was 6:20 a.m. and she had to make… but in my opinion, hubby should have gotten up and let her out because I always do! Anyhow, whenever the dog was on my side of the bed, I lay as still as I could so she’d go to hubby’s side. However, when she did, he would make one of those choking snore sounds that meant he was in a deep sleep (my ass).

How one could be so heavily sedated that they snore when there is a magnified sound of galloping hooves inches from their ear is beyond me.  Additionally, she put her chin on the edge of the bed and blew her hot breath in his face and he thought he’d snore his way out of his dog duties???

Unfortunately, the dog sensed my annoyance at hubby and stomped back to my side of the bed, hopping up and down whilst shaking her head in the direction of the door so I ended up letting her out. So tonight I have small treats in the drawer of my nightstand and if hubby tries to outsmart me again by being hearing impaired, I’ll have no choice but to put Pupperoni pieces on his pillow.

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