Take Me To The Light, NOW!

As a child, the fireworks were a wonderful thing. We’d go to the park, find a spot to place our blanket and lay on our backs til the party got started. As I got older, I still went and always wanted hubby to go, but he was “not a fireworks” man. …That is, until he had kids.

This evening we went to All But American Ball Field to sit amongst the smokers of the town. We listened to WT couples arguing – but not about smoking in front of their newborns nor about keeping their 4 year olds up so late. Nope, it was mostly because one of them didn’t bring enough beer and….?

Anyhow, aside from making the mistake to go in the first place, the second mistake was letting hubby park the car while the rest of us found a spot. Let’s just say, he can’t see in the dark and has no sense of direction as it is. Add to the fact he prefers to play Pokemon than stay on the phone so we can figure the fuck out where he is, and I was alone with the kids til midway through the show…. an hour and a half later.

The third mistake was bringing my anxious child who cried and carried on the entire time her father was lost.

Kid: I want to go home; can we go home? I want to go home.

Me: Calm down, you’ll be ok.

Kid: Call daddy, I want to go home. Can’t we go home? Can I go to bubbies? Can she pick me up?

Me: (Trying to remain calm) Try to do what therapist would do. Take deep breaths, think about your favorite episode of Friends, your Haftorah, but you have to stop crying. Nobody is picking you up and you can’t let your worries ruin this night.

Kid: I can’t, I can’t, I want to go home (x5)

Kid 2: I’m afraid too. What if I get sucked into the sky?

Me: (Contemplating how I will kill myself) Kid 2! Stop your nonsense. I won’t have two anxious children! Kid 1: If you don’t shut up I am going to run into the crowd and leave you all alone! Both of you just shut up!

So in the end, it seems that I fit into the community just fine.

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