I’m Not Crying, I’m Yelling Wolf!

So there have been a few times where my daughter has told me something and I didn’t believe her. For example, for a few weeks she’s been complaining in the car that its hot in the back- despite the air being on in the front. Well, for weeks I ignored it until one day, hubby was playing around with the control screen and figured out that the air flow in the back has to be turned on manually- by the driver.

A few other things like that have happened where she swore something and I just poo poo’d it.

Well the other day we were coming in from the garage and the chair I use when I take my son to baseball was in the way. When she went to move it, she heard it vibrating.

Kid: Mom, the chair is vibrating.

Me: No it isn’t.

Kid: Well, its making a vibrating sound.

Me: Ok.

Kid: Here, listen….

Me: (heard it) Hmm.

So then I spent the next 7 minutes picking it up and dropping the chair on the ground to hear the same vibrating sound she heard; in fact, it only made sound when I banged it against the ground. It actually sounded like a buzzing.

As I tried to figure out the cause, I grabbed a scissors to try to dig up into the chair pocket of the seat to see if anything was there. Turns out, it was a fucking bumblebee. The biggest, fuzziest, scariest bee flew out of the chair!

So it got me to thinking: after the story of the boy who cried wolf… was all forgiven and a new slate was given? Because thrice she’s proven to me that things she sees, feels or hears have been true…. but each time hubby or I am skeptical. I feel like there needs to be a sequel to that story so that others like me, don’t have to constantly doubt their kids.

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