The three of us were at the park, waiting for the fireworks to begin and found an empty bench. The bench was about 14 feet in length and nobody was in a 5 foot diameter of said bench. It’s important to note this because about 15 minutes after we’d been sitting there, some woman came over and asked us to move down.

Lady: (Annoyed. Harried) Could you move down?

Me: (The entire bench to my right is empty; she wanted the exact spot where we were) That spot is for my husband.

Lady: (Angry. Irate) I was sitting there!

Me: (Trying not to go WT on her ridiculous comment) Did I know you were sitting here? Did you leave any belongings? A note? We’ve been here for over 15 minutes- should I have known to save that spot???

Now, because my overly anxious kids were with me and already feeling unsafe, I let it go and continued trying to calm down my middle child. However, the Cookie Lyons in me wanted to show her how stupid her stupid comment was- locals’ style.

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