Today on my walk I decided to listen to a podcast on parenting. The woman whom I listened to has thousands of subscribers and is renowned in her area of expertise.  It’s important that I say these things, because during her lesson, it really got me thinking.

For example, why do people who use a microphone, have to speak in that suicide hotline voice? That irritating, calm, high bass voice?! She must love the way she sounds in that mic because she’s telling stupid jokes like, “I mean, who doesn’t get irritated, haha,” and “I know this is an archive so you can hear how I was nervous in my earlier podcasts and how I’ve grown… haha.” Nobody wants to subscribe to your shit lady… just get on with the facts!

My irritation grew on and on and then was redirected at other thoughts such has…how would my voice sound on a podcast? Would anyone complain of my nasaly-ish Jewish voice? I know hubby would… but would my message be understood or would people become so irate with my voice they’d tune out just like I did with her?

Needless to say, I’ve decided its best to read journals instead… that way I won’t get annoyed by the breathiness of these overly calm, higher than thou voices and I may actually learn something!


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