But That I Can Buy??

Hubby yells at me daily. He tells me to stop spending money or stop wasting money on nonsense.

The other day, I was reading aloud my Amazon shopping cart when the mister heard me say, “I’m going to buy tampons for our daughter.” Now, I didn’t say that I was going to drug her nor maim her the way he immediately went on a small soap box. Apparently, there is a company out there that makes organic cotton tampons and they are free from chemicals and other harmful things that were frankly, good enough for my knish.

So, instead of the $5.99 box of 18 tampons, I now had to purchase a $21 box of organic hemp cotton that my kid will probably not even use. I repeat, for something that will get thrown away after a single use, that will go up my girls’ eh eh, they should have the Rolls Royce of tampons… but I shouldn’t buy organic watermelon because its expensive and “probably still has chemicals.”

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