This Little Piggy Went, “Ooooouch!”

This evening I went to get a pedicure at a place I only frequent when my feet are in poor condition. Please keep in mind that my only problem with my piggies is the lack of nail beds as I’m 8 and pick my toe nails. …Or at least, I used to and now they just look youthful. Other than that, my bone structure is perfect. Its important to know this because I felt that I had to travel to another town with my feet– but the woman next to me had some physical abnormality (hammer toe) and clearly she had no pride.

Anyhow, the woman who was doing my feet did not say hello…. no “would you like a drink?” as the ugly foot woman next to me was asked…. and simply just got to work. That was fine with me as I wanted to scroll through my contacts and delete old friends and photos.

However, while minding my own business as Rocky got started, I got a harsh “tap” on my foot. Apparently, in cave man fashion, she felt it best to smack/tap the foot she wanted to work on at that time…. rather than converse with me. Each time she wanted my foot in or out of the water, she would use her fist and whack twice. Now, even if one doesn’t speak the language… nor has the time to learn the words, “other foot,” she could have opted to gently push my foot into the foot-bath or gently lifted it out.

So, the lesson learned here is this: either pay attention to whomever is doing your feet in case they’re inept at saying “please next foot,” or apologize to my republican friends.


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