The Akinator

My kids LOVE this app; you think of a person and it asks only yes or no questions. Anyhow, while I was sitting in the chair as the lab technician was preparing me for drawing blood, my middle child began asking me questions via the app.

Kid: Is your person male or female?

Me: Female.

Kid: Older than 40?

Me: Yes.

Kid: Does your person know you personally?

Me: No

…Now, as the app tries to decipher whom it could be via the answers to these questions, the questions become more specific. Being familiar with the impending questions, I knew what was coming, however, since we were in public, my daughter didn’t know how to ask the next question; instead, she opted for a social filter.

Kid: Is your person … (silence)

Me: Yes.

Kid: Was she known for being on Motown?

Me: Yes.

Kid: Is it Diana Ross?

Me: Yes.


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