You’re On Speaker!

For this post, I’ll need to provide you with a bit of background info. to better understand. A few days ago, my second child started her summer program. It was a new program in a new environment. The saying, “fish out of water” should sum up her 6 hour experience. In short- it didn’t work out and it evoked some volcanic eruption of anxiety as a result.

Yesterday, hubby opted to Face Time me during my first session of Camp Mom, and since I was driving, my little gefilte took the phone. *Note: whenever hubby FT, he is oblivious to the other person on the line and only focuses on his agenda. 

(Scene: Car. Bluetooth is on)

Hubby: (Showing the outside of his office building; Firetrucks in the background) Hi, I can’t go in my building.

Me: Oh that’s nice and you’re on speaker by the way…

Hubby: No. I mean, we can’t go into the building.

Me: Ok, it’s probably just a drill.

Hubby: Oh it’s not a drill.

Me: (Glancing in rearview mirror at Arielle. Arielle becoming concerned) I’m sure it’s just a drill.

Hubby: Nope, not a drill. Lots of firetrucks and police cars here.

Me: I’m sure it’s nothing.

Hubby: I don’t think so; we all had to evacuate the building and can’t go back in.


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