Ch Ch Ch Chia

All I can say is, the lanugo never fell off. That’s right, all the pediatricians, nurses, baby nurses and family members told me my monkey’s body hair would one day disappear… and what they failed to add was, “…when you Nair.”

Last evening I did a test spot on my child’s upper back. Now, if she were old enough to Laser, we would. If she could withstand the waxing, we would…. alas, it was either using Jolen or Nair. Anyhow, I started applying a cake icing layer to her upper body just to see how her skin would react; turns out, she did just fine.

However, whilst applying to the one area, my eyes naturally surveyed the scene where more would be applied if all went well. All I can say is, as with shaving, there is really no clear end-point to where I should stop. That being said, today, my mother came to help apply the cream as this was not a job for one person. In fact, it wasn’t a job for two people either- but we didn’t need her to feel like the Elephant Man.

With my mom using a sponge, while I used my hands, we essentially spackled everything from the hairline to her toes. However, I’ll need to purchase another gallon of this hair burning cream because 1. one gallon was not enough and 2. every time she exhales her hair grows back.

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 4.34.02 PM.png

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