Earth, Wind & Fire

It’s my wedding anniversary today so naturally I am writing to you. Earlier this evening I thought it romantic to watch my Bat Mitzvah video from over 30 years ago; yes, counting the dead people is my idea of romance.

Afterwards, hubby and I switched to watching a recap of our wedding- you know, to stir up memories of why we’re here. In any event, since we didn’t go out this evening due to heavy downpours, hubby told the children to “go play” in their own rooms.

Since the children were finally preoccupied and scarily quiet, hubby decided to take his chances… what we didn’t know is our youngest was literally sitting in the hallway, 3 feet from my door, with one eye on his iPad and the other looking for signs of life in my room.

Now, in my defense, I am in my mid-40s… and keeping one eye on the door and another still scanning FB, my brain signals were on a break. Sure, I could have put down the iPad for a minute- which I did, but I was looking at all the comments coming in on my videos that I had posted. In any event, I’m not sure if its because my vajean had been playing Hide – No Seek for some time,  if it was because hubby thought he’d earn a Merit badge in fire starting, if it was due to the fact that 2 of our dogs were staring at hubby, or if it was because my youngest was in the hallway waiting to sleep next to me– but this car was stalling.

Note: hubby was equally annoyed that he, too, had to keep one eye on the door- and that after all these months trying to find time where the kids left us alone- my eh-eh was sending off smoke signals in the form of a skull and cross bone. Needless to say, we managed to celebrate 14 years of matrimony in 14 seconds.

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