Whitefish, Lox, No Bagels, Oh My!

I’m allowed to eat a lot of fat on this diet… so naturally I scanned a container of whitefish salad while food shopping and saw it was grade A Keto! Moving down the aisle I noticed the Lox… and aside from fat, one can also eat a lot of protein. So, I scanned that and saw another grade A Keto!

Let’s rewind a moment… years ago I would make a bagels, lox and fish sandwich… my shiva “go-to” and a friend told me its not something one should eat daily. Flash forward to my restricted diet’s rules and it can be shiva food for breakfast, lunch and inner!

Now, I have a very tall container of whitefish salad that is now 2/3 empty… and a Sam’s Club size amount of Lox… Allow me to further explain… the 45 lbs of Lox that I buy only lasts a few days at best. The whitefish salad lasts a week and a half past the Lox and what happens is I go back to the bulk store and buy either the Lox or Whitefish…. but never at the same time because I usually have enough.  I can just eat a slice a cheese atop my whitefish salad until I drive to Sam’s Club the next day to resume my Jewishness.

Unfortunately, my zero carb bagels which can only be found via Amazon- and which take 7-10 days to arrive regardless of being a Prime member, are finished. It could be because I started eating two bagels a day… I thought I would try to finish both the whitefish and the lox at the same time, but in any event, I’m up a creek without a paddle.

Now, I have enough fish for a Minyan…. and nothing to put it on. To make my point clearer, its like going to a shiva and they only have herring and olives left.

Es nor shreklekh!

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