Sedentary Mode

I’m starting my 5th week of Keto and let me tell you this- anyone could lose weight simply by scanning your food into the app; it is the best deterrent for eating. Allow me to explain…

The diet is based on Net Carbs and Fat. One has to first use their Chemistry skills from high school as well as their Physics’ skills- in terms of grams and ounces- get all that under control, and then plan their every intake.

I know what you’re saying, it sounds simple. Well, its certainly simpler with the Carb Manager App, but imagine using the Weight Watchers’ food log with Atkins/Paleo diet rules…. and then take 1/3 of what those diets allow you to eat and voila!

Now, I use the CM App, and 99% of the foods that I eat are already scanned in- so all I have to do is stay within their recommended limit. Unfortunately, when I complained to my co-worker/sponsor about how hungry I was, she asked to see said App.

Apparently, I was eating too many carbs and calories per day (despite it being in the Hospice range)- for I had set it up as if I was an active human being. With the help of my sponsor, she changed my low level activity to sedentary. Now, I am going from Hospice quantity to Holocaust quantity and I should be shedding my coat by summer.

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