Russian Roulette

With two fertile offspring in the house, I need to keep my pulse at all times on the Period Tracker App. No- I am not a “lawnmower,” parent… but let me explain.

You see, I’m not certain my children understand that they’ll be surfing the crimson wave monthly. And I’m not so sure my kids are stocked and loaded with enough pads to stop Katrina, should Aunt Flo decide to arrive during school hours. Therefore, I started tracking their menses via this App.

To make matters worse, I thought I added my second child but somehow I’m unable to view either period by name… and I am not sure which kid is going to flow at any moment. All I know is somebody is going to get it in a few days and with it being Memorial Day Open season to wear white, this week is going to be a bloody nightmare… literally.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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