Gaper Delay

While surfing FB this evening for the latest and greatest, I came upon some horrific videos. By horrific, I mean, “Born Different” videos featuring numerous types of diseases and illnesses- that I didn’t even think were possible to survive. Video after video, I watched a man whose body was covered in tumors; a woman with elephantiasis of one leg only; a victim with 98% of his body burned; twins with Downs Syndrome; a woman who emotes the fish/feces smell- and lastly, a woman with that aging disease- Progeria.

As I was watching, my WebMD child was leaning over me- begging me to stop watching these “scary” videos. While hitting, “hide content” each time the Born Different videos kept appearing throughout my feed, a different type of sick video appeared… called, “Human Stories”.

The video featured a beautiful young woman named Hannah, who was not just a girlfriend to Shane- her boyfriend with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), but also his caretaker.

Let me break it down real quick so that I may get to my point…

This woman could have any guy she wants. She’s beautiful, caring, smart, funny, great body, etc…. and she is with someone who looks like he’s 6 years old with a man’s face. Or, a better example would be the commercials with Gloria trying to help kids in Africa with pennies a day…. imagine a man’s face on any of the bony bodies in those commercials- with a model.

Now, before you call me names, I read some of the thousands of comments that also questioned this relationship. In fact, every comment had the same thoughts and concerns that I did!!!

That aside, I had to find out the how and why’s of this union- and started streaming some of their vlogs….. and in each video, this woman is by this man’s side- smiling; she’s happy.

This woman holds him on the toilet as he poops, then carries him to their bed and wipes him. She does his teeth, dresses him and does everything a mother would do…. but she’s his girlfriend/caretaker.

Now, several things went through my mind as she’s smiling through it all… even joking about his poops…. and that was:

  1. I won’t pick up hubby’s underwear that he leaves on the floor… nor his socks, pants, t-shirts…. nada.
  2. If he asked me to get him (fill in the blank)…. my standard answer is, “no.”
  3. Laundry? He does his own. In fact, I don’t even transfer it from the washer to the dryer or the dryer to the basket; and if I did…. he’d never live it down.
  4. He leaves his shoes laying around and I just kick them out of the way.
  5. I won’t even put away the butter he leaves out if he makes a bagel.
  6. When he leaves a soda bottle in my car- I throw it on the ground til he gets it.
  7. I only make half the bed…. and if he is sick, I make him sleep elsewhere.
  8. If hubby leaves sissy spots on the toilet- I’ll snap a photo, text it to him and leave it there all day til he comes home and cleans it up.
  9. Put a dish in the sink and leave it there?- It would stay there til he cleaned it up.
  10. If he spills the shampoo bottle in the shower and doesn’t lift it back up, I’ll kick it out of the way so the sound of the watering hitting the plastic doesn’t annoy me.

Just so you know, my list goes on and on…. and we are both physically healthy and mobile. …Which is why I will investigate into this woman’s background to find out what her true motivation is because there is zero chance Shane doesn’t get on her nerves…. when mine just is and gets on mine.


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