Paycheck To Paycheck

For two weeks I’ve been on the Keto diet- in short, that means that I haven’t had any bread, flour or sugar or fruit. And as hungry as I am for bread…  I would rather never eat bread than go without toilet paper.

You see, for over a week, we’ve had no toilet paper; you heard right. We’ve been using Kleenex or baby wipes. A few days ago my daughter found the last roll in the house and gave it to me. The excitement and freedom to enjoy sitting on the toilet returned when I knew I’d have something of value to wipe with.

I carried that roll around the house with me- like inmates carry their Ramen. Nobody was going to waste the last bit til hubby was able to replenish our supply. Finally, he went to the superstore and purchased more rolls- so much so that I can once again, freely unwind.

And I thought… if I had to live without real food like bread or fruit, I would gladly do so- so long as I never have to endure the stress of not knowing where my next square is going to come from.

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mom of 3
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