A Fairy Tale Dream Come True

So Mother’s Day was just terrific…

It started around 7am when two of my offspring decided to wake up and then pace around my bed until they found their hidden laptops- all the while whispering. But that didn’t really wake me- because not having a pillow all night and having neck pain did.

When I finally got out of bed, I realized I had but an hour to get the house and table ready for company. I was really excited because there were still some dishes from the evening before that I could wash and load- sort of like a pre-game scrimmage.

After I straightened up whilst preparing the meal, it was time to re-sweep the floor. I mean, although I did get to wash it the day before, someone had dropped some crumbs on the floor- maybe it was hubby who was cutting the everything bagels on the edge of the counter?

In between preparing for the meal and cleaning the kitchen I popped in a few loads of laundry- I mean, what is Mother’s Day without real chores?

Fast forward to post brunch dishes and laundry, when I got to sit and relax for a little bit- til the next meal. Thankfully with the memorization of all three of my credit card numbers, I was able to order dinner to be delivered.

Now that it is nearly bed time, I am finishing folding the laundry and vacuuming my carpet- silly dog decided to rip open my youngest’s hacky sack that he accidentally left on the rug since Wednesday- and I can now reminisce about my relaxing day.

If Fitbit had some sort of device for measuring household chores I think I’d be in the Machu Picchu range. In any event, it was a wonderful day spent with family… who by the way, were kind enough to let the dogs outside while I was lounging on the toilet thanks to the linen closet stocked with toilet paper, and let them back in- just in time to for them to climb onto my newly made bed (with white sheets) with their muddy paws- as I was.


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