Voices Off

Well, I finally decided to stand up for myself while at the salon getting a manicure. The woman next to me received a phone call- mind you- it was on the highest volume ringtone, so it felt like we all were included.

But it wasn’t so much the deafening ring that disturbed my silence, so much as the next 7 minutes speaking to someone who appeared to be overseas or elderly, with the volume one would use to rally the children during recess. Add to that one could also clearly hear the other woman on the phone as if she, too, were getting a mani.

After biting my tongue and controlling the distortions simultaneously occurring in my face, the woman hung up. Glancing in my direction- which mind you was 15 inches away from her seat, she tried to half-ass apologize.

Woman: I’m so sorry if I was a little loud.

Me: You were a lot loud.

Woman: (facial distortions of her own) Wow, I’m sorry then.

Me: If my mother, who works 24/7, spoke that loud, I would kill her. This is a place of relaxation and not a place for loud talking. I would go nuts if my mother did that.

Woman: Well, I apologized so clearly it doesn’t mean anything to you.

…. 5 awkward minutes of silence- the woman making snarky comments to her manicurist about, “woops, too loud again,” and me just staring at the closed caption on the telly.

A moment later, the door opens, the manicurists says, “hello Esther…. look, your mother is here.

Trying not to look…..

Woman: Oh, I get it now.

Me: (still not looking in my mother’s direction) Nodding hello.

Mother: Hi Rochelle! Oh hello Sally! That’s my daughter Rochelle, have you two met?

Woman: Oh we met- she said I was too loud.

Me: (dying)

Mother: (equally loud) Well, that happens sometime. How’s the new house…..

Naturally, as luck would have it, my mother and she just completed a transaction together… and later informed me that it was also my eye doctor’s wife.

Needless to say, it wasn’t very relaxing.

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