Well, I am finally on the Keto diet- Vegan version. That in and of itself is quite the feat. For example, since the diet is best when protein is coupled with fats…. that puts me at quite the disadvantage.

Anyhow, the hardest part of the diet isn’t so much what to eat, but its scanning the foods I eat, into the app. And after I do all that, it’s creating recipes with different groups of foods to see what the net carb would be.

Let me explain…

Today, I woke up at 11am and went down for breakfast; I didn’t eat breakfast til 1:45. You see, I was busy trying to find recipes that wouldn’t throw me over 20 net grams and a total of 40 grams. Apparently, this past week I have been at the 20 net gram limit but 99 grams total. This, is a no-no. So, I had to go through my recipes to find which foods were throwing me into the red zone and then find a way to keep me in check.

Now, I am probably not under 99 grams of carbs a day but I am losing weight. And I’m not losing weight because I’m eating the correct proportion of fats and carbs/proteins. Nope, I am losing weight because it takes me over an hour to figure out what the hell I can eat and by the time I do, its already the next meal. So, I am lucky if I eat two meals a day and hit 1000 calories…. not because I want to stay at this starvation rate- but because the vegan version has a way of causing the carbs to fly and I am just too hungry to bother finding foods I can eat.

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