Big Brother

Each morning I get on my treadmill and wog then wun- (walk/jog/run). Lately, I’ve been overheating after just a few minutes of wogging so I usually throw my top on the floor. Today, I got a little bit sidetracked when I came upstairs to the kitchen half dressed, and started my daily rella.

You see, I was so busy trying to not get third degree burns from the heat my body radiated, that I didn’t realize the time (7:06 am). Rochelle- what was so important about the time?? you may be wondering. Well, that is the time one of Warbuck’s daily workers arrives… as he is working on a project on our deck. …The deck which is right outside of my window-walled kitchen!

Now, I cannot be sure if he saw me putzing around the kitchen half dressed- dragging the month’s laundry to the washer or if he saw me bending down to use the dustpan- but judging by the siamese cigarettes he was smoking, something tells me he got just bothered.

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