No Privacy

The other day I starting having a conversation with hubby in the kitchen- a feat in and amongst itself, and I think we were talking about gyms. It started with a discussion of me going to a gym on the other side of town, for a “best self challenge,” and hubby said it was a scam.

I kept saying, regardless of scam or not, if its something I’m interested in, then why not? Back and forth we went about how silly it was and that I should just walk. After going around and around in disagreement, I said, “my friend said i should get a Peleton bike,” to which (as he walked outside) he said, “yeah ok, that’s the answer.”

When I went to follow him- all the whilst scolding his dismissive behavior, I rolled my eyes. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me, our yardman was in the garage- watching this whole thing go down. I had two choices, to pretend I had something physically wrong with me causing the “bobble head” gesture I’d made or simply, follow through. Without missing a beat, said man looked back at me with apologetic eyes, shrugged his shoulders and mouthed, “just walk”

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