Tira Miss U

Every two weeks I go for a gel manicure. When the woman hands me the basket of painted acrylic samples, I am usually very quick!! I’m pretty fast when picking paint color as well but for nails, I figure, it will all look good. Mistake.

The other day I decided since my nails were chipping prior to the two weeks, that I would go back to the dip. Since the woman failed to hand me the basket of samples, I figured I would just peruse the wall of powders and go from there- after all, I had a light color in mind.

Within 23 seconds I picked what I thought was a pale pink. Unfortunately, the color that took an hour to put on and that will last three weeks, is the color of skin. Yep, its a peachy, brownie, tanny, old lady color- the kind you wonder about who would choose that color! Yes, for the next three weeks I get to stare at the under-the-nailbed looking skin color and cringe.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 8.33.03 PM.png

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