The UN

Today I went to get a manicure; I was really hoping to get another good massage and relax. However, my brain was in full throttle and each time I thought I’d take it easy, something else happened to avert my attention.

In short, here are some things that were on my mind…

Does she have to blow her nose? And she’s going to touch my hands? Why don’t any of them (the manicurists) move their mouths when they talk? They always seem to be using that 911 telephone voice while the intruder is in the next room- are they talking about me? Do the Korean and Mexican women know they’re both talking about each other?  Does anyone care that I’m feeling left out? Uh-oh… that woman is going to need help sitting down. She probably shouldn’t sit on the chair that has wheels…. oh this won’t be good. Ahh… they helped her, I wonder why she snapped at them. She looks to be in her 90s, of course they’d offer to help her sit. Why doesn’t she just go and blow her nose already? My goodness this water is hot! First my nails feel on fire from her filing the polish and now this scalding water? She has to see the steam. I should have gone with the powder… but would I really want to wait 3 weeks to change my color? Oh the massage, finally….. What? I’m neither a newborn or elderly- oy why is she so meek at this? Does she think that feels good? I’m not the one with the sniffles; dig woman!

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