The Tin Man

I just left the gas station where the men who worked there- covered in what looked like soot btw, looked at me like I was the asshole. For months my car alert has been saying I need an oil change and for months my husband’s been telling me that we’re turning the car in- it can wait.

The sign comes on, and says, oil low…. so I got oil a month ago and was told the same thing- “you need an oil change!”

Today, I decided to buy more oil since hubby told me again last night that that was all I needed; after all, he is a mechanic for a living. When the man came outside to see which type I needed and took out the dipstick, the look of horror overcame his face.

Man 1: Your oil is very low!

Me: I know, my husband said I should just get more oil.

Man 1: Its too low; you need an oil change. Its not good for the car.

Me: Well, can you just put in one bottle?

Man 2: (who came to see this freak show) You need more than one bottle! You’re putting good oil on top of bad.

Me: We’re turning the car in next month- my husband….

Man 2: (looks at sticker; pissed as shit) This was due back in December! That means for 3 months your car has been low and working hard!

Me: I filled it last month though.

Man 2: You need an oil change- not to just put in the oil! You have to maintain your car (nasty look as he goes to get another bottle).

Me: (calling hubby) They say I can’t wait for the oil change.

Hubby: Didn’t you tell them you’re turning it in?

Me: Yes and they said I shouldn’t wait- that my car is really low.

Hubby: Of course they’re going to say that.

Man 1 & Man 2: Well, what’d he say?

Me: He said we’re turning it in- we’re not putting anymore money into this car.

The moral of this story is that I best be driving with a full tank of gas when driving in Lynwood or else I’ll be pushing my car home. 

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