C Days

We are very fortunate to be able to afford the opportunity to send our daughter to overnight camp. It is not too expensive, but by no means is it inexpensive. Much of the fees are for the Kosher food, the 24 hour supervision, vast amount of activities offered, housing and non-stop entertainment.

There’s everything and anything you can imagine at this camp- as with many of the overnight camps- but slightly more-so. They’ve got boating and tennis, rock band and cooking. Ceramics and circus instruction, as well as jewelry making and the sports are also a large part of the attraction.

As with some of the higher end camps, there is the suggested and requested clothing list. However, in addition to the two aforementioned, there is the third list; I like to call this, the incidentals. Allow me to elaborate…. yes, they need their shorts and shirts, socks and underwear…. sweatpants and sweatshirts and then the uniformed items…. etcetera, etcetera. But the incidentals, they are what can make or break your child’s experience and are needed for certain letter days. So, without further ado, here are some of the incidentals:

Hunter Boots Tall- NOT shiny

Ugg Slippers- the Coquette

Crocs with jibits 

Malibu Sugar Tops and Tanks (both ribbed and spaghetti strap)

Lester’s inventory (including the stickers and games)

Hydro Flask water bottle (with Red Bubble stickers)

Adidas Superstar sneakers & Black Converse

Pajama onesie (current popular version)

Sticker Beans, Gel, Puffy, and Smelly stickers to be on the safe side (enough to share or trade)

Soffe shorts (every color)

Olympic wardrobe- for both teams (just in case) with all the latest and greatest

Squishies, Putty, Slime

Enough Jack’s to stop even New Orleans from flooding again

Now, you may be wondering, why are you even telling me this?? It’s simple! This evening my husband was asking if I got my daily fix of packages with the “fake” money (he thinks because its all purchased with one click, that I don’t realize it’s real money). When I inquired to his point, he started belting out some of the incidental items and their cost.

Hubby: You needed another pair of Hunter Boots???

Me: They’re for camp.

Hubby: …And another pair of Ugg slippers??

Me: Those are for C days.

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