Would We Still…

This evening while driving home with my kids after we evacuated the house, they somehow mentioned my job; I assured them that on my salary alone I could pay for everything we needed.

As we passed the back of our home before entering our street, they looked at our house and asked if we would still be able to afford our house on my salary alone.

Kid: Would we still be able to live in our house if it was just your salary?

Me: Hmmm. That depends…. is daddy dead or are we divorced? Because if he’s dead then….. yes we could afford it.

Kid 2: That’s lovely.

Me: Well I was just trying to be as accurate as I could.

*Had I not been chastised for making $14 calls to him, I’d have just said, we’d probably have to move to an apartment.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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