Just Let Me State For The Record

Yes- I did believe that the housekeeper’s helper strategically placed cigarette ashes in the 1/16th opening where the caulk is warping from the sink to the counter.

Yes, I did take a flashlight to search said ashes and did try to blow within that small opening to see if ashes did fly.

Yes, I did ask the woman I’ve known and trusted for over 15 years if she brought someone here who smoked or if she perhaps decided to pick up the habit.

Yes, I did ask her translator to triple check if she understood what I mean by cigarette ashes.

Yes, I had the audacity to bother hubby who was in Canada by calling and not using FaceTime.. (mind you: he paged me to leave work and Uber his passport to him that he failed to pack earlier in the day).

Yes, I did think I was smelling my death.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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