Suds & Suds

Today I decided to see how the others live and went to a laundromat. Before you say a word, I know! Why on earth would Rochelle go to a public laundromat when she is so OCD? In short, because she’s a shmuck, that’s why.

Unfortunately my King size comforter doesn’t get fully cleaned in my machine- and it desperately needed a good cleaning. So you thought going to a 1960 laundromat would do the trick? 

Hubby had mentioned a place nearby, so I went there. All bullshit aside- not for a million bucks would I go again.

There were only two machines that could take my comforter, and one still had 7 minutes (which was 49 minutes in the real world). When the woman came to remove her 4 weeks worth of dirty underwear- I made the conscious mistake of putting my blanket in. Now, having only been to a laundromat twice in my life, I didn’t realize the dispenser was at the way top of the machine- nor did I know the highest setting was only “hot.”

With no stool in sight and all wheeling carts being used for gathering clothes, I had no choice but to drag the iron bench to my machine so I could add my gallon of bleach to the already clogged with powder detergent (do they even still make that??) dispenser.

Now, why I waited the 50 minutes to begin with…. wait, why I even went to begin with is a conundrum to me- but the fact that I put the blanket I use to keep my body warm into a previously used machine for someone else’s monthly load is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life. The only thing I can say is I plead insanity and If I must, throw me in the shoe.



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