I Wish I Was The anese

I wish I was the anese,  This evening we decided rather late to take our crew out to dinner. Rather than be the pain in the ass with regards to where we’d dine, I decided to visit a former establishment that I’d written off years before. (*Note: never will I go there again!)

Anyhow, it was late and the place was noisy- as one might expect on a Saturday evening- and my kids… well, they were fucking chatty. Each of them needed my exact attention at once! The nonstop “Hmmm hmm hmmmmm hmm hm mmm?  Hmmmm! Hmm hmm hmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmm!” was driving me insane.

Finally I said to one of my kids, “I’m not even listening so please be quiet!” And that’s when I decided, I wish we were Japanese. As I recall from a movie I’d once seen, they don’t speak during meals… and its considered impolite to talk while eating.

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