What’s In Your Wallet?

My kids are picky. Before you roll your eyes- I’ll give you a prime example.

My son won’t eat the same noodles he’s eaten for 8 years, because he’s tired of eating noodles. Mind you, the only other meal the boy eats is yogurt- which means, he’s eating yogurt 3 times a day. On the off chance he’ll ask for noodles, if they are not the exact type he is fantasizing about in his mind- he won’t even look at them.

My middle- she’ll ask for noodles, but if they’re not al dente or too al dente…. if they’re larger than 3 cm but smaller than 3.01 cm, she won’t eat them.

But on occasion, there will be little argument over trying peanut butter- so long as they’re covered with 5 lb of chocolate chips. So imagine my surprise when my parents were discussing peanut butter in front of my kids… to prove a point.

You see, my youngest vegetarian said something about not wanting to eat lettuce because bugs crawl on them. In fact, the kid won’t go into the ocean because fish pee.

Not wanting to give into this ridiculous comment my mother informed him bugs are in everything…. take peanut butter. “Traces of insects and rat hair, are in peanut butter….  There’ll be nothing left to eat if you think like that.”

Needless to say, the Costco sized jar hubby came home with, is in the trash… with the jar of fluff I’d asked for.

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