My son hasn’t slept in his bedroom since he was a young toddler- and by toddler, I mean 8 months.

His fear has always been that his room is too far from mine and that if robbers came, we wouldn’t hear them. As much as I have tried to reassure him we would never be robbed, he would still fight sleeping him his room. In addition to that, he felt his room looked too scary.

So, I spent hours and hours shopping and redecorating- making him the best looking room in the house! Finally, the time to sleep in his room would come- now that I created the prettiest room there ever was…

He slept in there one night- one night.

So again, we discussed him needing to be a big boy, brave and independent- and told him he must sleep in his room.

Son: But you won’t hear me if there is a robber

Me: There are no robbers! Besides, we have three dogs. If something were to ever happen, they’d let us know.

This morning my husband called me 5 times and texted me. His car was stolen.

Son: …(giving me the GFY look) Mmm.hmmm. So robbers came to the house and the dogs didn’t bark?


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