Would You Just Shut Up Already? Not You, You!

I got my first cavity two years ago at the age of 44- and my last cavity recently. The hurt, shame and embarrassment from going from “the perfect mouth” to the common folk hit me hard.

Anyhow, I went to get my cavity filled with my tail between my legs, and lay in the chair. Several thoughts occurred to me whilst being under the bright light. In no particular order, here they are:

I hope I don’t have a stray hair on my lip… fine, chin. Can he see the blackheads on my nose? Maybe I should use Witch Hazel. That reminds me, I need to get a manicure. I wonder what would happen if I suddenly opened my eyes and just looked into his (the doctor’s). Would he jump and drill an extra tooth? What is he thinking- is he thinking of his “to do” lists like I am? I bet the nurse over there holding my suction is probably piling up her own list of what to do later. Does he want me to keep my eyes open or closed? How long can I stare just over his shoulder- avoiding all eye contact? Would I be able to have this done without the numbing needle? I wonder if I could withstand the pain. I wonder if that would be just the right amount of pain to stop me from eating. Nah, that would cause me a headache… or would it? Is that his belly growling or was it mine? I wish that bib came a little lower so it would hide my stomach. I sure hope I don’t have any boogies- this light is very bright. I wonder if this is a light I should get for my desk. I think people use this for seasonal depression. Do I feel happier now? What’s that smell? Is that my tooth burning? Yeah, I definitely couldn’t do this without the needle. I wonder if I should have just gotten this tooth pulled…. and then the rest of my wisdom teeth- that way I’d have no cavities or appetite. Do people actually lose weight from not eating? I wonder if he actually wires jaws shut. Who would actually get it wired shut? I think I’ve heard of people doing it but would I be able to sip through a straw? Oh that’s right, can’t use straws anymore. That reminds me, I shouldn’t drink alcohol, that seems to be what’s changed in my diet. Nah, I’ll just floss.


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