Window Seat

On the way home from our vacation, I sat in the window seat, while two of my children sat to my right; my husband had the aisle on the other side of the same row and my eldest sat next to him.

What you should know is, I would never sit in the window- but thanks to a year ago when a woman got pulled from her seat… I now sit in the active combat seat.

In any event, I’m at the window… and unless you’ve never flown- its the tiniest of options.

Son: Can I have my iPad?

Me: (bending down) Ok, here it is.

Daughter: Can I have a Jolly Rancher?

Me: Its in my purse- I’m not bending down again.

Daughter: You just got him his iPad!

Me: (bending down again) Here.

Daughter: I don’t like cherry- I want grape.

Me: That is all you’re getting; we’re out of grape.

Daughter: That’s not true- you just didn’t look.

Me: (bending down) I don’t have anymore grape- you can have sour apple.

Son: Can I have one too?

Daughter: This has sand on it; I can’t eat it.

Me: I don’t have anymore son- take her cherry.

Other Daughter: Do you have earphones mom?

Son: I don’t like the cherry- here.


Now, while my husband is relaxing- sprawled out and ghostlike to our children, I’m contemplating how bad the fall could be.

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