No I Don’ti

The other day, I asked my mother to take my eldest to the doctor- as I was stuck at work. When I finally arrived, my mother said …

Mother: (Looking at me up and down) Hello Rochelle.

Me: Hello mother; hello daughter.

Daughter: Hello mother.

Doctor: Hello Rochelle, just in time.

Me: So, is everything ok with her?

Doctor: Not exactly…

Me: So she just needs x, y and then she’ll be ok? (Looking at daughter) I told you it was all ok.

Mother: No, she does have something wrong with her wrist.

Doctor: Well it’s not all ok….

Mother: You know, we were all fine before you came in here….

Now, the doctor stepped out make sure the ex-ray room was ready and it was just my mother, daughter and me. …

Mother: Look at how you’re dressed- You’ve got this…. with this… and that…. look at you.

Me: (Whispering to mother) You know, this criticism, this is exactly what she doesn’t like about you.

Mother: What do you mean? I don’t criticize.

Me: You just did.

Mother: No I didn’t- I just said look at your outfit- You look like you didn’t know what to wear so you just put on everything and walked out. Thank Gd the doctor didn’t see the other side of your purse! You should have seen how they looked at you when you walked into the room- You know, they thought I was the mother. Really Rochelle- I don’t know how you go out like that.

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